Selling in WeChat E-Commerce

business-plan-mockup-1The world of internet is expanding faster than ever. There were more than 1.2 billion digital buyers throughout the world in 2015 and this number is growing dramatically. Moreover, a growing trend about online shopping has also been noted and this fact cannot be ignored. In the next year the growing trend increased up to 7.5% so e-commerce websites are thought to be the greater opportunity from a business perspective. There is a long list of products that are sold online. These products include handcraft jewelry, t-shirts, online courses, ebooks, fashion accessories, smart mobile devices, electronic devices, luxury products etc. You can sell almost everything on internet as long as you know how to deliver the product or service to the consumer. Working in ecommerce market is not that difficult as everyone can work well online because of the latest technology available at every doorstep. Those who intend to work in this market should learn some basic tactics that may help them throughout their online business. Mobile phones are designed with a number of options and features to be installed and work online.

Why WeChat E-Commerce?

In Malaysia since last years the e-commerce market has rapidly been developed. If we talk about Wechat, it is an app that people use to communicate with others via messaging. It has been observed that Wechat has introduced an option through which people can sell their products on a wide range. It has also been found that every year number of users of mobile phone expand drastically.  This number is increasing up to 25% throughout the world out of which 1 billion users belong to China. The larger market of mobile networks attract users by adding new options for the customers every year especially in China. Many foreign companies have entered the e-commerce market of China but they don’t have any idea about selling on Wechat.

WeChat has been considered as the best app to approach or enter the ecommerce market of China. It is not necessary for anyone to have bank account, Malaysia business registration or any other exporting license to be sold to Malaysia. You just need to have a WeChat shop  while the best option besides it is to be entered in Lazada, 11street etc.