1. Features and Benefits of WeChat Pay

Collect payment from China tourists securely and conveniently with a QR Code.

2. WeChat Official Account Registration

WeChat subscription accounts focus on information and brand communication. They’re like another media channel. Subscription accounts can broadcast 4 times each month and can only publish 1-6 articles each time. All updates are sent to the users’ subscription folder and users do not receive push notifications.

3. WeChat Account Management

WeChat Official Account are drawing a lot of interest these days, as WeChat has risen to dominate the Malaysians social media space (Malaysia users spend ⅓ of their smartphone time on WeChat).

4. WeChat Mini Program Development

We are a IT based company with professional programmers ready to make you tailor-made mini programs for your business.

5. WeChat E-Commerce

It has been observed that Wechat has introduced an option through which people can sell their products on a wide range. Read More