Today, WeChat is one of the most used apps in China. This powerful platform comprises all-in-one lifestyle necessities that drives an average Chinese to use WeChat for roughly 4 hours a day. Comprising of messaging, social, eCommerce & digital wallet features, it transformed the lives of people living in China. Up to date there are 1.3 billion active users worldwide using WeChat and this number increases by the day. As for Malaysia, there is a whopping 20 million active users with roughly 80% between the ages of 18-36 years old.

WeChat’s Official Account (OA) is a company page for merchants/corporates where it acts as a base of interaction somewhat equivalent to a Facebook Page. The OA taps into the potential 20 million active users in Malaysia, assisting companies to reach & stay connected to customers anytime, anywhere. This unique page enables centralised marketing as it includes features equivalent to email marketing, message support, personalised messaging, voucher management, advertising in moments (equivalent to a Facebook Wall), and more. 

Official Account is an important part of WeChat for merchants as it is recorded that 73.4% of WeChat users follow Offical Accounts. Users want to be updated of the latest trends, products, news, or even interesting articles that can help their friends. It is observed that a typical WeChat user shares articles if they find relevant. Statistically, user behaviour of Malaysians on the internet are to communicate via text (96.3%), visit social networking sites (89.3%), & getting information (86.9%). All of which, Wechat provides the channel that possesses all these features.

If you are interested to know more about how you can obtain a WeChat OA, we have a team of WeChat specialist whom can help assist you to answer any of your burning questions.