WeChat Official Account (OA) is like a business page of your company within the WeChat App. It has helped many companies get their products known to users of WeChat and it has the ability to spread to the Chinese users all across China. The good news is, there is an approximate 22 million people in Malaysia actively using WeChat too. This presents a great opportunity to merchants to establish influence in WeChat way before other merchants do so. First come, first serve they say!


1. Reduce Marketing Cost

Good news for startups or small businesses that have a tight budget! Developing an app is not cheap, not to mention you have to build for two groups of audience, Android and iOS users.  Moreover, in traditional app stores, you need to pay for distribution and promotion to get noticed. With Mini App, it is easy to just share your Official Account page and QR code on your offline stores or social media channels.

2. Mini Programs a.k.a Mini App

A WeChat Official Account can be linked to several Mini Programs where they function like normal mobile phone apps (minigames, lifestyle, e-commerce)! No installation is needed which means less space is needed on your smart phones. Moreover, there are less registration hassles on different apps as payments are done by WeChat wallet. Hence, users don’t have to store their credit information on another app.

3. Interact with Chinese & local followers

WeChat Official Account is mobile site for you to broadcast daily, interact with your Chinese & local followers, make sales, run promotion, show videos, and even accept payment via credit card.  It also provides a customer service feature, allowing several people to provide customer service from one official account at the same time. The operator of an official account can use the customer service feature to reply to users’ inquiries online.

4. Convenience of custom menus

Brands can set 3 custom menus with at most 5 sub-menus each on the main page of their WeChat official accounts. The menu and sub-menu content may link to a web page, maps, your website diagram text message, or Mini Program. This function helps brands better display products and services to spread awareness and build stronger consumer relationships. WeChat official accounts also allow you to track follower behavior, for example to understand the click rate of each menu.

5. Target audience precisely by launching advertisements

Once you become a WeChat advertiser, you can target your ads to specific audience by filtering with genders, age, location, interests, etc. to get more potential users. It’s highly cost-effective. Furthermore, loyalty programs are an essential part of a comprehensive approach to form a long-term relationship with customers. Allowing them to use a geo-dependent membership card linked to their WeChat ID or phone number. Brands can thus adapt their marketing strategy and personalized sales and promotions to a certain category of users directly through the application.